Helping associations achieve their full potential

Creating strategy for impact is a 3-tier process. We work globally with association leaders to achieve the full potential of their organisations through:


Firstly, we deliver best practice education and capacity building through an Association Masterclass and immersive workshops. These professional standards become fundamental building blocks to progress, change and influence.

Masterclass, Workshops & Books

  • Association Masterclass – A power packed full day of progressive strategy for impact. Delivered at your offices, or in a group setting. Zoom options also available. Download workbook >
  • Strategy Workshops – The 6-Step Roadmap delivered as six hourly workshops via Zoom: Disruption, Mission, Governance, External Strategy, Internal Alignment and Future Focus.


We then work with individual associations on strategy development, board alignment, organisational effectiveness and staff training. These big picture initiatives reset organisational objectives to deliver engagement, growth and impact.

Board Strategy Days & Staff Training Sessions

  • Board Strategy Session – Every association needs an annual strategy day, to bring out the best in your board and focus your strategy for impact. A full day, or 2-day session tailored to your needs. Zoom options available. Download brochure >
  • Staff Training & Engagement – Building staff capacity is critical for success. A full day session to engage your staff with your strategic objectives. Zoom options available.


We also provide customised advice on crisis management, commercialisation, communications and membership. These strategic support services ensure the effective operational implementation of projects.

Customised Advice whenever You Need it

  • Consulting Support – Available on an hourly basis whenever you need to achieve the impossible: crisis management, membership, new launches, advocacy and more.