Association Strategist

Omer Soker has worked with hundreds of associations as a strategist, and successfully transformed two membership organisations as a chief executive officer.

Omer is the author of The Future of Associations, creator of the 6-Step Roadmap, and founder of Association Impossible.

His proprietary 6-Step Roadmap to Progress, Change & Influence is arguably the best strategic framework in the world for the development of membership organisations, enabling associations globally to relaunch, revamp or refine their strategies for impact.

As an association strategist, Omer works with for-purpose leaders with the courage to tackle disruption, embrace change and inspire innovation.

He brings high energy and a progressive new vision to the global association sector, blending his 20-year expertise in corporate business transformation, social enterprise start-ups and organisational leadership. He has run companies with international oversight of $32 million in operations, and lived in London, Istanbul and Hong Kong as well as his current base in Sydney.

Omer is also a professional speaker and facilitator registered with leading speaker agencies, with an engaging and thought-provoking style that brings out the best in not-for-profit audiences.



“Omer Soker worked with MHCC as we reviewed our strategic plan including facilitating a strategic planning day for our board and senior staff. Omer was excellent to work with – enthusiastic, knowledgeable and prepared. Omer took the time to understand what our organisation did, the challenges we faced and what we wanted to achieve. In particular Omer’s ability to facilitate our discussions so they remained relevant, directed and reached a conclusion was very much valued by all participants. The feedback from the strategic planning day was extremely positive and resulted in a new strategic plan that has now been supported by the board and the membership .”

“Omer Soker undertook strategic planning work for Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA) and has an excellent understanding of working with not-for-profit organisations and both small to large organisations, and also clearly understood the types of issues we worked with. That is working with community mental health services, consumers and carers. A significant focus of our work was on the NDIS and Omer easily translated his knowledge and experience to this, and directed discussions which related to all of our work .”

“Omer was incredibly professional, respectful, sensitive to the audience and had a firm understanding of our sector and what kind of language is appropriate in the mental health sphere. We were very impressed by the thoroughness of his approach. He listened attentively to each speaker and brought everyone back together with a thoughtful observation of what was said during each presentation. We have received nothing but glowing reviews from the attendees of the event, including several high ranking members of both the NSW Ministry of Health & the NSW Mental Health Commission. I could not recommend Omer more highly.”

“Omer’s masterclass was a great day; essential considerations for the board in setting strategic directions; and I hope to do it again.”

“The Inspiring content and participant interaction crystallized my thinking. Omer’s framework is invaluable to engage the board in conversations around what really matters.”

“Challenging, inspiring, invigorating; attending Omer’s session has me revisiting not only how I’ve been doing things but delving into why.”

“An invaluable framework to address the fundamental challenges, strategies and existential questions facing our organisation.”

“Omer’s roadmap was very beneficial for us to benchmark the progress of our changes and encouragement for reforms in the pursuit of excellence.”

“It was an excellent strategic planning workshop with many takeaways and one paradigm-shaking moment. A great day, thank you.”

“Your interactive and insightful presentation struck a chord. The Board expressed a deep satisfaction with your knowledge of association structures and your perspectives on relationships between strategic and more traditional organisational culture.”

“Omer’s insights into what the future holds captured the attention of leading association board members and CEOs at our thought leadership roundtable. All were able to takeaway ideas for their own associations.”

“Omer worked closely with the leadership team to consider our needs and to design a workshop focused on understanding our customer and customer segment needs. The workshop was engaging and productive, thanks to Omer’s preparation and facilitation style, and contributed significantly to the ensuing organisation design work. I’d thoroughly recommend Omer.”

“Omer’s unique presentation style engages conference audiences in a very special way. His delivery was simple, practical, engaging and entertaining.”

“My three key outcomes from Omer’s excellent workshop on harnessing the benefits of disruption rather than falling victim to them, were all down to Omer’s skill in structuring and delivering it so responsively.”

“Omer is an amazing speaker who speaks from the heart and with passion. I would highly recommend him for any workshop around the future of associations.”

“Omer is a gifted speaker who has the capacity to capture the interest of an audience through his use of intellect, energy and humour.”

“A really great session with some practical follow-up.”

“Thank you so much for a fantastic presentation at the CEO and Chair Symposium, and for always being really easy to work with.”