Our proprietary 6-Step Roadmap to Progress, Change & Influence is arguably the best strategic framework in the world for the development of membership organisations.

It has enabled hundreds of associations to successfully relaunch, revamp or refine their strategies for impact.

Each of the six steps is a stand-alone opportunity as well as a sequential cycle that leads seamlessly to the next step. The roadmap transforms an association from being disrupted into becoming an innovative disrupter with a progressive future focus agenda.

The 6-Step Roadmap:

  • Disruption – Associations must evolve if they are to survive and thrive into the future.
  • Mission – Create and communicate absolute clarity of purpose to engage members.
  • Governance – You cannot be a modern association without a contemporary board.
  • External Strategy – A businesslike approach is required to succeed commercially.
  • Internal Alignment – Look inward for solutions to your greatest challenges.
  • Future Focus – The future is dependent on the decisions you make today.

Three of the steps are internal, and three are external. The roadmap is both holistic and sequential. The transformation comes once all six steps are complete, so that associations are aligned internally as well as externally to the needs of members and the direction of future markets. Each step can be taken sequentially to build on the foundation created by the previous one. And like every journey, it begins with the courage to take the first step.

It doesn’t matter where you start, because all steps lead to future focus. You can start with the area holding you back the most. Or the area you can influence the most. All that matters is that you start.

  • Market disruption and competition is accelerating.
  • Step 1 is acknowledging that members and markets are changing and committing to doing something about it. This is the catalyst for future relevance.
  • If markets have changed, how can existing objectives still be relevant?
  • Step 2 is re-setting mission, vision and objectives in line with where these changing markets are now headed. This is where you need to go in future.
  • What governance structures and processes are required to meet these objectives?
  • Step 3 is optimising board and governance structures to best deliver the strategy and performance towards key objectives, while managing the risks of getting there.
  • How can the board empower the CEO and leadership team to deliver progress?
  • Step 4 is an effective, external commercial strategy to grow members, revenue and impact, and to communicate with external stakeholders in an engaging, contemporary way.
  • What internal support is required to deliver the external strategy?
  • Step 5 is aligning all internal systems, processes and culture with the external objectives to create a powerfully united, success-driven association.
  • Now, where is it you want to go?
  • Step 6 is crafting a future vision to accelerate progress by bringing the members and the market on your journey – so that all stakeholders get their future needs met.

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