Associations reimagined. Strategies not yet considered. The future in focus.

For over a century, associations across the globe in every sector imaginable have worked hard to improve markets, standards, products, services, public policy and ultimately society.

And yet, associations are hurtling full speed towards a future that seems unimaginable and impossible.

A future full of disruption, technological revolution, generational change, unpredictable government policy, accelerating competition and increasing member expectations. A future that makes old ways inadequate.

The time is now for associations to reimagine the future in focus. To transform themselves and achieve the impossible with new strategies for impact.

There is a need for a global movement for the strategic development of membership organisations to increase the impact of every association in the world today. A movement that protects and enhances the leadership of the association sector.

Now, aligned under Association Impossible, progressive leaders – who dare to achieve greatly with the courage to tackle disruption, embrace change and encourage innovation – can flourish beyond their wildest imaginings.

And achieve the impossible.

Who We Are

Association Impossible is a global movement for the strategic development of membership organisations.

Our Vision

A world where associations achieve the impossible in delivering for members, influencing markets and flourishing beyond their wildest imaginings.

What We Do

Association strategy is everything we do, and all you need to achieve the impossible.

How We Do It

Creating strategy for impact is a 3-tier process. We work globally with association leaders to achieve the full potential of their organisations through:

  • Education – Firstly, we deliver best practice education and capacity building through an Association Masterclass and immersive workshops. These professional standards become fundamental building blocks to progress, change and influence.
  • Strategy – We then work with individual associations on strategy development, board alignment, organisational effectiveness and staff training. These big picture initiatives reset organisational objectives to deliver engagement, growth and impact.
  • Consultancy – We also provide customised advice on crisis management, commercialisation, communications and membership. These strategic support services ensure the effective operational implementation of projects.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Our Strategic Framework – Our proprietary 6-Step Roadmap to Progress, Change & Influence is arguably the best strategic framework in the world for membership organisations. It has enabled hundreds of associations to successfully relaunch, revamp or refine their strategies for impact.
  • Our Progressive Approach – We only work with association leaders who dare to achieve greatly. Leaders with the courage to tackle disruption, embrace change and inspire innovation. Leaders committed to delivering for members, influencing markets, and flourishing beyond their wildest imaginings.
  • The Future of AssociationsThe Future of Associations is a must read for anyone who is serious about turning around an association, optimising the member experience, and growing the operation. This 200-page book is endorsed by AuSAE and issued to all staff by many progressive association leaders
  • Our Association Strategist – Omer Soker has worked with hundreds of associations and successfully transformed two membership organisations as a CEO. Omer is the author of The Future of Associations, creator of the 6-Step Roadmap and a professional speaker and facilitator registered with leading speaker agencies.